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While the AIRCELL™ unit is up, it is also a great time to check for any signs of wear. After several seasons, you may notice the netting begins to sag from gravity and the natural stretching of the netting material; this is an excellent time to tighten those ties! The black nylon ties may be easily tightened by cinching each slip-knot. This will pull the netting tighter and closer to the tubes of the cage or backstop.

Return the valve cap to the valve after all the air has been eliminated in the unit. This will ensure that the cap does not get pulled off during the transport or storage of the product.

A fast and easy way to remove grass or granules from a turf field is to use the blower (output mode) to blow off any unwanted debris.

Aircell units have pressure release valves with removable filters/screens fitted over them. These filters simple pop off so they valve may be checked for debris from time to time.  An easy trick is to simply use the pump on deflation setting to suction out any remaining debris or dust.

Remember to always check to ensure that the yellow tipped stem, in the inflation port, is fully extended, if not air will continue to be released even while the cap is on. 

When packing up the Aircell unit, it's good to keep one pump connected as an anchor to serve for two purposes: 1. The pump can be used intermittently by suctioning air while the unit is being rolled up  to ensure a tighter roll for pack up. 2. By leaving the pump as a anchor, it's easier to remember to roll towards the valve This will also keep the inflation valve positioned to be easily identified and positioned closer to a power source for up.

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    The InMotion Air team has been awesome in fulfilling all of our batting cage needs over the years. We have used InMotion Air cages at all of our brand events across the country for all ages (youth players to high schoolers and even college players). From the smaller Commercial Hitting Station to the large Alpha Tunnel, we have purchased many cages with custom branding, and put them to good use. They even help with repairs!

    Aaron Hassel
    Brand Manager | Easton Diamond Sports, LLC

    The product that InMotionAir delivers is excellent. We absolutely love the flexibility our Aircell batting cage offers. We routinely inflate and deflate our units as we move around our facility. This allows us to remain one of the most versatile complexes in the United States. We cannot say enough about how awesome these custom cages are.

    Jack Friedrich
    Digital Marketing & Design Director | Louisville Slugger Sports Complex

    Our new InMotion Air cage is a game changer for our program. We utilize it during practices, pre-games, and camps. Highly recommend it to anyone that needs portable cages within their program!

    Michael Palmer
    Director or Softball Operations | University of Illinois Athletics

    We started a new NCAA D2 baseball program here at UCCS in 2017 without a home facility for a year and a half. We found ourselves practicing or playing at 7 different sites around Colorado Springs, indoor and outdoor. Through the help of a donor we were able to purchase an INMotion Air Inflatable batting cage in our first year. We were able to use it at each of our several different practice sites. The portability was something that truly was a difference maker in our preparation as a new program. Now that we have our own stadium and indoor practice facilities, we continue to use our turtle batting cage outdoors on a daily basis. In addition, our donor recognized the value and further supported us with the purchase of 4 indoor 20’ x 20’ inflatable cages that we have setup regularly in our indoor practice facility. Several of our other NCAA sports are able utilize them in their practice routines as well. Set up and breakdown is a breeze and the customer service from Craig and his team has been off the charts. I highly recommend all of InMotion Air’s products for indoor or outdoor use.

    David Hajek
    Head Baseball Coach | University of Colorado Colorado Springs