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Thank you for joining the distinguished group of AIRCELL™ owners. Your investment in innovation will set your players apart on the field and off. And we are here to support you throughout the life-cycle of your investment. Welcome to the team!

Services we offer

We know you'll love your AIRCELL™ equipment so much, that you will put it through its paces on a daily basis. As such, over time, normal wear and tear can have an effect on your equipment. Because we are committed to helping you keep your equipment in top-notch condition, we offer the following repair and maintenance services.

Net Sets

We'll send a trained installer to your facility or residence to replace net sets.

Prices for installation start at $500, plus the cost of new netting. See below for price of netting material.

Accidental Damage

Repairs of cages due to unintended cleat spikes, tears, or abrasions from dragging a product.

Prices for on-site repair start at $200, plus the cost of patch material. Final cost dependent up geographic location. See below price list.

Ports & Valves

Replacement/repair of either the inflation port or safety release valve.

Prices for on-site repair start at $200, plus the cost of replacement parts where applicable. Final cost dependent up geographic location. See below price list.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Do it yourself, or let us help you keep your equipment looking and performing its best season after season. Below is a list of common replacement parts and accessories. All quoted prices include shipping and handling.

Net Set (20'x12')

Piece of Removable Net




$15/ea or $25/two

Valve Caps


Filter Cap

$8/ea or $12/two

Storage Bag




Patch Material


Black Ties


Care & Storage

Caring for your AIRCELL™ Equipment
  • AIRCELL™ units should never be dragged over surfaces that may contain sharp objects such as glass, rocks, or small metal fragments imperceptible and often found embedded in cement, asphalt, and even grass fields.
  • Our products are built with military grade fabric making them rugged and heavy. We suggest lifting and carrying the products to the desired location in its storage bag. When it’s time to set up the unit, simply unroll it as you would a sleeping bag. Proceed by picking up each corner or side to carry it to its position. If the unit has netting, this will trail out from the tubing there’s not need to pick up the netting. Be careful not to pull forcefully on the netting if it happens to catch on anything, it may result in unnecessary fraying or snagging of the net.
  • Once the AIRCELL™ unit is Aired Up, it is easier to pick up the unit and make any final adjustments of its placement on the field or practice area. Be sure the yellow “pin” is not pushed in before you cap off the inflation valves. If they a pin remains pushed in it will allow air to escape and your unit will slowly lose air ultimately collapsing over hours. Simply push the pin in and slightly twist counter-clock wise to release the pin from a lock position.
  • Insider’s Tip: While the AIRCELL™ unit is up, it is also a great time to check for any signs of wear. After several seasons, you may notice the netting begins to sag from gravity and the natural stretching of the netting material; this is an excellent time to tighten those ties! The black nylon ties may be easily tightened by cinching each slip-knot. This will pull the netting tighter and closer to the tubes of the cage or backstop.
  • Always use the Bravo air pump provided with your AIRCELL™ product. Unlike third-party inflation devices, this pump has been calibrated to deliver the appropriate air flow needed to reach the proper PSI. Never attempt to use another air pump to inflate/deflate your AIRCELL™ Sports Equipment. This will most certainly result in irreparable damage and will void your warranty.
  • Insider’s Tip: Return the valve cap to the valve after all the air has been eliminated in the unit. This will ensure that the cap does not get pulled off during the transport or storage of the product.
Maintaining your AIRCELL™ Equipment

If your unit is especially dirty, it may easily be cleaned using a mild solution of white vinegar, dish soap, and water. Simply fill a bucket of warm water adding ¼ cup white vinegar, along with a few small drops of dishwashing soap. The mixture shouldn’t be especially soapy/sudsy. The tubes may easily be wiped down with this mixture using a soft cloth or sponge–no need to rinse. You may immediately follow this step by drying the tubing with a soft dry towel. Continue to clean the entire unit or the parts that need attention. Allow to dry thoroughly, then put away in its storage bag. An added benefit of using white vinegar is that it is a natural antimicrobial, which helps to ward off any development of mildew if the product will be stored for long periods of time in a non-climate-controlled environment.

For a quick spot clean you may use a product like Simple Green which can be quickly sprayed on and wiped off immediately. Take special care when cleaning the screen-printed artwork on the AIRCELL™ units. The ink can become scratched over time when exposed to harsh chemicals and scubbing.

Insider’s Tip: A fast and easy way to remove grass or granules from a turf field is to use the blower (output mode) to blow off an unwanted debris.

  • Always keep your product stored in the storage bag that was included with the purchase of your AIRCELL™ unit. This bag was designed to help protect the product from reasonable storage conditions and to enhance the overall portability of this equipment.
  • After the season is done and the AIRCELL™ equipment will be stored for a long period of time, we recommend storing in a climate-controlled environment. This will help ensure that the materials are free from extreme temperatures, adequate air circulation, and the threat of moisture. If this is not possible, it is best to store in a shed, closet, or field house offering adequate protection from the elements. Make sure the unit is placed off the ground free from the threat of water seeping into the bag and away from critters. We have had to repair units that have holes from mice eating through the tubing. It happens! Also, be sure to keep the unit away from any sharp objects sharing the space such as lawn mowers and field equipment. These items can easily be bumped of shifted causing punctures in your AIRCELL™ product.
  • When it’s time to use your equipment again, it is best to examine it the before the first use of the season it’s a good opportunity to inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during storage. Also, keep in mind after long periods of being stored the AIRCELL™ unit may take a few minutes longer to Air Up due to the extended compression time of the tubing. Also, if setting up in very cold conditions the fabric becomes stiff which may extend the set-up time a few minutes longer. Conversely, when setting up in warm temperatures our AIRCELL™ units will become very pliable and the Air Up process will be shorter.
Troubleshooting your AIRCELL™ Equipment
Overnight Set Up

Although we do not advocate leaving your AIRCELL™ Equipment set up for extended periods outdoors, we understand there may be occasions when this is an exception and conditions are favorable: Good weather and secure location. If you choose to do so, we recommend releasing enough air to allow the top mid-section collapses. We call this “dropping the middle”, this helps protect the cage from birds, flying debris, and variances in extreme overnight temperature changes. The next day simply Air Up the unit to its ideal pressure. You’ll know from the sound when tapping on a tube, it should sound like a drum-deep and hollow. If the unit becomes over-inflated, you’ll hear air being release from the safety release valve. This will also happen if the heat begins to rise over the course of the afternoon and the air begins to expand causing the PSI to rise and air needing to be released from the unit.

Unit is moving slightly in windy conditions

While our products are able to withstand wind well there may be occasions when you’ll find the added bonus of using sandbags or water bags to keep the bottom tubes from shifting. Each unit comes with nylon tethers which maybe used by wrapping around sand/water bags to anchor to the D-rings on the unit. We prefer a simpler solution by laying a sand/water bag over the bottom tube in a few strategic positions.

Losing Air
  1. Be sure the yellow “pin” is not pushed in before you cap off the inflation valves. If they a pin remains pushed in it will allow air to escape and your unit will slowly lose air ultimately collapsing over hours. Simply push the pin in and slightly twist counter-clock wise to release the pin from a lock position.
  2. Check for any damage such as holes, tears, or deep abrasions.
  3. If you hear air while the unit is up, it may be the safety release valves releasing excess air as temperature climb. No need to take actions the valves will close as soon as the unit’s air pressure has been stabilized.
Repairing your AIRCELL™ Equipment

When accidents happen and your AIRCELL™ product needs a little more attention, we are prepared to address any necessary repairs that your equipment may need.

Tears, Holes, Slices & more

We have easy solutions to repair this kind of damage. A picture is worth a thousand words and nothing could be truer than when it comes to determining the next course of action. We can often diagnose which repair technique will be most successful by studying photos you send of the damage. We have tested 3 different repair techniques each with its own set of benefits. We offer complimentary diagnosis and easy-to-follow instructions. We are here to help choose the best one for your specific repair. If you don’t feel confident in performing the repair yourself, we offer a repair service by one of our trained installers; call us for pricing.


This often occurs after our equipment has been dragged over jagged terrain such as concrete. The wear you’ll see will be a pattern consistent with result of fabric being scraped or deeply scratched. You may see tiny pinholes or flecks of the white inner fabric called the scrim showing. This is an easy remedy and one that doesn’t need patch material. We recommend using a flexible rubber adhesive called Aquaseal which can be found at Walmart, ordered through Amazon, or other local stores. Download the detailed instructions here.

Small Holes

Anything smaller than the size of a dime can be patched with a traditional patch. This will require using the patch material in the orange tube which is included in each AIRCELL™ unit purchase. You will also need to buy Vinyl cement, we recommend HH-66 which comes in 4oz cans found through any boat- marine shops or available through Amazon. Download the detailed instructions here.

Large holes, gashes, or slices

We’ve successfully repaired slices as long 6-inches caused by metal cleats coming down on a tube as well as larger holes the size of a 50-cent piece. These repairs require a 2-layer patch we refer to as a sandwich patch. Before attempting this patch, we recommend calling us for additional support. Basic supplies are the same as used for small holes repairs. Download the detailed instructions here.

Valve and safety/pressure release valves

The repair or replacement for these parts is a bit more involved requiring a special tool. Contact us for further guidance and support.

5 Year Limited Warranty

We are pleased to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our equipment. Please read and abide by the following terms, conditions, and exclusions in order to ensure that your warranty is intact for the duration of the 5-year period.


INMOTION AIR, hereafter “the Seller” offers a “5 Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser only that warrants the product(s) purchased were thoroughly inspected before shipment and that the construction of the product (s) is free of factory defects in their design, material and construction. This “5 Year Limited Warranty” is effective on the date of delivery.


This warranty becomes void in the event that the original purchaser sells the product to a third party.

In the event of a defect, the Seller, reserves the right to repair or replace the product at no expense to the original purchaser based on the Seller’s sole discretion.  The original purchaser must notify the Seller of any defect within (10) days of discovering such defect, or the limited warranty is void.

The Seller reserves the right at its expense to inspect the product to determine the nature and causes of the defect and to determine whether the product can be repaired or must be replaced.

The Seller reserves the right to grant the repair or replacement based on the Seller’s sole discretion.

This limited warranty is valid only if the product has been operated in accordance with the instructions provided with the product and by the installer.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence, modification, accident, misuse, abuse, vandalism or any action which constitutes a deviation from the instructions provided with the product by the installer. This product is not recommended for extended periods of outdoor use or continued outdoor applications. This product is not designed to be used to take the place of a permanent outdoor structure i.e. its integrity will be compromised by keeping this product up during inclement weather and under extreme temperature variances. It is recommended that this product is inspected regularly for irregular wear.

This warranty does not cover instances in which the product has been lost or stolen.

The Seller shall only be responsible for the repair or replacement of the product in its sole discretion due to defects in design, material, or workmanship. The Seller waives any liability of incidental, consequential or contingent damages (except where otherwise required by law) or refunds. This warranty is exclusive and is made in lieu of any express or implied warranty as to the fitness or merchantability.  If it is determined by the Seller that the product has a defect and may be covered under this warranty, the purchaser is responsible for the shipping, taxes, and duties for said replacement.

This warranty is only valid for products sold and used in the U.S.A. This warranty provides specific legal rights which may vary from each state.

The Seller reserves the right to modify the design of any product without assuming any liability or obligation to modify any product previously manufactured.

We, the undersigned, consent and agree to the terms and conditions regarding the 5 Year Limited Warranty.

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    The InMotion Air team has been awesome in fulfilling all of our batting cage needs over the years. We have used InMotion Air cages at all of our brand events across the country for all ages (youth players to high schoolers and even college players). From the smaller Commercial Hitting Station to the large Alpha Tunnel, we have purchased many cages with custom branding, and put them to good use. They even help with repairs!

    Aaron Hassel
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    The product that InMotionAir delivers is excellent. We absolutely love the flexibility our Aircell batting cage offers. We routinely inflate and deflate our units as we move around our facility. This allows us to remain one of the most versatile complexes in the United States. We cannot say enough about how awesome these custom cages are.

    Jack Friedrich
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    Our new InMotion Air cage is a game changer for our program. We utilize it during practices, pre-games, and camps. Highly recommend it to anyone that needs portable cages within their program!

    Michael Palmer
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    We started a new NCAA D2 baseball program here at UCCS in 2017 without a home facility for a year and a half. We found ourselves practicing or playing at 7 different sites around Colorado Springs, indoor and outdoor. Through the help of a donor we were able to purchase an INMotion Air Inflatable batting cage in our first year. We were able to use it at each of our several different practice sites. The portability was something that truly was a difference maker in our preparation as a new program. Now that we have our own stadium and indoor practice facilities, we continue to use our turtle batting cage outdoors on a daily basis. In addition, our donor recognized the value and further supported us with the purchase of 4 indoor 20’ x 20’ inflatable cages that we have setup regularly in our indoor practice facility. Several of our other NCAA sports are able utilize them in their practice routines as well. Set up and breakdown is a breeze and the customer service from Craig and his team has been off the charts. I highly recommend all of InMotion Air’s products for indoor or outdoor use.

    David Hajek
    Head Baseball Coach | University of Colorado Colorado Springs